Über mich

Steffen has been working in the games industry for over 20 years. His customers include Electronic Arts, Piranha Bytes, the German Games Industry Association, nordmedia (state of Niedersachsen funding board), TRION Worlds, University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), Spellbound/Black Forest Games and astragon entertainment.

During this time, he developed strong areas of knowledge: business development, marketing, scouting & evaluating, funding & costing, games production as well as game design. This allows him to focus on the global strategy as well as the important details to avoid costly pitfalls.

His extensive national and international network allows him to speed up progress for his customers by talking to the right people directly.

During his career, Steffen won numerous awards: Three times winner at the German Game Developer Awards including Best Console Game & Best Kids Game, Deutscher Computerspielpreis, European Innovative Games Award E.I.G.A. and the German Founder’s Prize.

As an employee of Electronic Arts he was responsbile for launching titles like Crysis, Battlefield 2, Anno 1503, Final Fantasy, Half Life 2, Star Wars KOTOR, Monkey Island, Resident Evil and he won the Electronic Arts European Marketing Award for the launch of „Battlefield 1942“.

As a founder, Steffen not only co-founded Nevigo, the company that developed the first professional game design tool, but also founded „Drachenschmiede“, the first Life-Action-Role-Play company in 1989. Yep, that old.

His mission is to make the greatest games available to the greatest number of people worldwide. As a personal coach, Steffen helps anyone reach their potential by turning visions into actions.